Sunday, September 27, 2009

Private Browsing Mode

Ziink Surfer allows you to go into 'Private Browsing' mode while keeping your current session. If you are logged into a site, you continue to be logged in.

To go into the 'Private Browsing' (PB) mode, click on the mask icon on the bottom right corner of your browser window.

Once you enter the 'Private Browsing' mode, the window title and the vivid mask icon in the status bar will indicate that you are in PB mode.

Any new tabs you open or any new site you go to in one of the existing tabs, will be marked with a colored tabs. When you exit PB mode, these colored tabs will be closed.

If you wish, you may exit the PB mode but not close any of the tabs. It's defeat the reason for going into PB mode in the first place but you have the option if you so choose.

To exit without closing any tabs, right click on the 'Z' icon in the status bar to bring up the context menu and click on the 'Exit Private Browsing' menu item.

If you want to start your private browsing session without any previous cookies, you always have the option of selecting 'Start Private Browsing' from your 'Tools' menu.

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