Saturday, September 26, 2009

Auto Page

Auto Page loads the next page within the context of the current page and as you scroll down further, it keeps loading subsequent pages. Ziink Surfer already understands the layout of thousands of sites and you don't have to specify settings for individual sites. It just works automatically.

Here are some screen shots and some additional notes.

As you scroll, new pages are added automatically. A page break block is introduced between the page content to indicate that  Auto Page is working and to provide options to pause auto paging and to restore the page.

When you 'pause', no additional pages are loaded until you click on 'continue'. You may wish to use the 'pause' if you want to see bottom of the original page which might keep scrolling out of view otherwise.

When you are reading blogs, the comments and the post comment form are collapsed so it's easier to read the main content. If you wish to read the comments, just move the mouse over to the 'Comments' bar and any comments to the blog post are automatically displayed. You may also click on the 'Comments' bar to always keep the comments visible. This feature has been implemented only for some of the popular blogs.

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