Monday, September 28, 2009

Ziink Surfer: Introduction

Ziink Surfer is a productivity add-on Mozilla Firefox. It helps you save time and surf the web with ease.

Private Browsing while retaining current session
Unlike the default FF 3.5 behavior of closing all your tabs and starting with a blank tab, this add-on enables you to continue with your current session when going into Private Browsing mode. Not only do you keep the tabs you had open, you also keep the cookies from your regular session. This means that you can continue using your browser without having to relogin to a site you were already logged into.

When you leave 'private browsing', all tabs with new domains are closed but earlier tabs remain open. You also have the option to not close any tab when exiting 'private browsing'. While you were in 'private browsing' mode, Firefox will not save any history, cookie, form entry and such. Read More...

Auto Page
Insert content from the next page into the current page when you reach the end of the page. It inserts only the main content and tries to keep the flow of reading smooth and without distractions. The goal is to not have to click on a 'next page' link ever again. Read More...

Make plain text URLs into clickable links. Make US addresses into clickable links that open up in Google Maps. Read More...

Craigslist Previews
Provide image previews in the ad listings and show ad previews by hovering over the links.
a) Moving mouse over the image preview shows a larger image.
b) Moving the mouse over to the link to an ad shows a preview of the ad.

Link Checker
Check links from Rapidshare, Megaupload and over 50 other file hosting services. Mark broken or expired links in red and available links in green. Read More...

Highlight Bookmarked Links
Highlight bookmarked pages in search engine results. Works on Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. Read More...

Turn image loading on or off
Firefox already has an option to 'Load images automatically' which is turned on by default. This add-on just makes it easier to access this feature by showing an icon on the status bar to toggle it on and off. Additionally it toggles the visibility of all images in the current page without having to reload the page. This is handy if you end up on a page with inappropriate images.

Show form action
When you move your mouse over any part of a form, the URL that the form with be submitted to will be displayed in the status bar. This will help you determine if the form is being submitted being submitted over secure http or not. Additionally the add-on warns you if the form uses JavaScript. Read More...

Open Address in Google Maps
Select an address, right click to get the context menu and open it in Google Maps in a new tab.

Add-on Options
Enable or disable any of the features. If any feature of this add-on clashes with another, or if you don't have a use for a feature, you can disable that feature. Read More...

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